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Transloader is a Index for Rapidleech Websites available on the Open Internet.
For DMCA Contact the Respected Site Owner's.
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What is a #transloader?

From @Google: Transloading is the process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another.

In the context of @transload, transferring a link, from a remote host to our server, and hence getting a greater download speed not limited by the host server.

The code for the most popular transloading site is available on GitHub.

We Modify it Here

⚠️ the @transload websites mentioned above are run by non-affiliated third-party providers. ️🤕
This channel merely indexes the contents, much like how Google and Telegram works.
@transload does not accept responsibility for content hosted on third party websites.

For leeching torrents, use 👉 @TorrentSearchRoBot
A New Function for Downloading Google Drive Files.

If you want to Transload a Google Drive File, not a folder, only files.

Then use this website.

* Bug Fixed
Rapidleech is too old.

PHP 7.4 is the last PHP version supported by Rapidleech.

PHP 8.0 and 8.1 causes pages to crash.

If someone knows PHP, please try the repo and fix things that aren't working.

Eg. RAR stops if PHP 8.x is used.

You can add pull requests here at GitHub.
Made a Simple Bot


Incase bot goes down, new bot will sent on @HashHackers

Let me know how it works and if it's good to have this.

Bot is hosted on Cloudflare Workers

Index Channel:
Telegram FILE to LINK bots

Testing Download TG Files Bot (Bandwidth Testing, Target 5 TB)


Note: Rapidleech Server domain expired and i forgot to renew it in freenom. So I'll change domain in few hours today.
Working on Telegram Index website for Archive TG Files Bot


Check it's preview at

Not everything works, work in progress, but if you've any idea, comment below and we'll consider good ones and try to implement.
Updated @LinkForFilebot

  -  fixed not responding to some telegram files
  -  updated dependencies
  -  minor fixes and performance improvements

if you are having any issues with this bot, please reply here
is loaded with alot of content and new continuously being added.

Try it, Share it. Have fun with it.
Transloader [Rapidleech]
Handle with Care. DO NOT ABUSE THE SERVERS. Oracle Status Status Google Cloud Telegram Bots @LinkForFilebot @ArchiveTGFilezBot @…
Oracle Server Update

Both Oracle Server must be used once in a while.

If they are underutilized (idle) for 7 days, Oracle Stops the server.

Idle Always Free compute instances may be reclaimed by Oracle. Oracle will deem virtual machine and bare metal compute instances as idle if, during a 7-day period, the following are true:

CPU utilization for the 95th percentile is less than 10%
Network utilization is less than 10%
Memory utilization is less than 10% (applies to A1 shapes only)