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Product Prices and Alternatives are updated on Hash Hackers Store, any more suggestions are welcome at @BhadooDiscussion
Due to some unprecedented problems. We had to delete our Google Group. There were around 5700 members in that group.

If you still wish to join the @BhadooCloud Group to access Drives, here is the new Group link.

Note: Please do not add this group email to your team drives without permission. 🙏

For those who want to join all drives (Bhadoo and alot more and more join below group, may include unwanted drives, hide them)
As Promised More Benefits to Pro Drive Accounts

Now Pro Drive users are Pre-approved for Azure for Students 100 USD Pack

Those who already have Pro Drive
Redeem Here:

Buy Pro:
Netflix Free Limited Access (Try Something before you Buy Offer)
The selection may change from time to time.

Stranger Things (Series)
Murder Mystery (Film)
ELITE (Series)
The BOSS BABY Back in Business (Series)
Bird Box (Film)
When They See Us (Series)
Love is Blind (Series)
The Two POPES (Film)
Our Planet (Series)
Grace and Frankie (Series)
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Most Ads Removed, Removing any remaining soon if found.
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Upcoming New Features like Download Links and Multiple CDN URLs

Note: Currently Blocked in US.
Some of Bhadoo Cloud Servers, Websites, HHS Orders and Bots are currently unstable, unresponsive or down due to maintenance and time problems. Most of the services will be available shortly, and everything will change starting next month.
.com at INR 299 or USD 4.34 Only
New Registrations.
Google New Add-on 😢
As per Google Support Team, there is no announcement on How new WorkSpace plans will affect Old GSuite plans and GSuite for Edu. But it'll get clear within upcoming few months. Until then stay tight as we don't know what will happen next.

Note: One thing is clear, Old GSuites will switch to WorkSpace, even GSuite for Edu will get new name, but we don't know if this will affect its features.

Stay Tuned for Latest Updates at GSuite/WorkSpace.
Happy Birthday @durov
Hash Hackers Store

Introducing New Product

Subscription Based Product for Personal Storage
HHS Current Status

Basic Drives: 171
Basic TDs: 1101 (Active)
Deleted TDs by Users: 22

Pro Drives: 65
Pro TDs: 442 (Active)
Deleted TDs by Users: 6

Last Updated: 22 Oct 2020, incase this data is too old, you can request update via @BhadooDiscussion